Year 2030

A cartoon. A middle-aged man has fallen and is lying on his back. A younger man is kneeling next to him and is asking the crowd of five people that has gathered, “HELP!!! Is any one of you a doctor?” The people in the crowd reply, “I am a Dj.”, “Me too.”, “I am also a Dj.”, “The same is me.”, “And me too.” Large letters above the scene say, “Year 2030”.

This cartoon by MM & Taber is difficult to find on the Internet in good quality. It is usually cropped, resized, watermarked, written over, filtered, recompressed multiple times, or some combination. I am not MM & Taber. I have found a good copy of the cartoon on Flickr (the copy that everyone else copied?) and put it up on my site in hopes of making it easier to search for.