Year 2030

A cartoon. A middle-aged man has fallen and is lying on his back. A younger man is kneeling next to him and is asking the crowd of five people that has gathered, “HELP!!! Is any one of you a doctor?” The people in the crowd reply, “I am a Dj.”, “Me too.”, “I am also a Dj.”, “The same is me.”, “And me too.” Large letters above the scene say, “Year 2030”.

This cartoon by MM & Taber is difficult to find on the Internet in good quality. It is usually cropped, resized, watermarked, written over, filtered, recompressed multiple times, or some combination. I am not MM & Taber. I found a good copy of the cartoon on Flickr and put it up on my site to make it easier to search for. (It is dated January 10, 2012—the copy that everyone else copied?)

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