Why don’t rationalists win more?

The following list comes from a presentation I gave at a Slate Star Codex meetup in 2018.

Possible factors

  • Thinkers vs. doers: selection effects [1] and a mutually-reinforcing tendency to talk instead of doing [2]
  • Theoretical models spread without selection [2]
  • Inability and unwillingness to cooperate [2]
  • People who are more interested in instrumental rationality leave the community [2]
  • Focusing on the future leads to a lack of immediate plans [2]
  • Pessimism due to a focus on problems [1]
  • Success mostly depends on specific skills, not general rationality [1]
  • Online communities are fundamentally incapable of increasing instrumental rationality (“a chair about jogging”) [3]


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  3. “Self-Improvement or Shiny Distraction: Why Less Wrong is anti-Instrumental Rationality”, Patri Friedman2010

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