My setup

How I use my computers.

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OS Ubuntu LTS, Debian GNU/Linux, Alpine Linux FreeBSD; Mac OS X “Tiger” and “Leopard”; Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux, and other distributions; Windows 95 OSR2 through 10; MS-DOS; System 7
Interactive shell fish, jimsh Zsh, Bash, cmd.exe and
Scripting language Tcl 8.6, Jim Tcl, POSIX shell, Python Python, Bash, Perl, intricate batch files
Linux filesystem ZFS, ext4 Btrfs, ext2–3
*nix desktop environment or window manager IceWM awesome, MATE, Openbox, KDE 2–3, GNOME 1–2
Text editor Neovim Visual Studio Code, vis, Sublime Text, ne, Geany, Notepad2
File manager Double Commander, Midnight Commander Total Commander, Volkov Commander, Norton Commander
Remote interactive shell Mosh SSH

Tags: configuration, me, *nix, personal computing, sysadmin.