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One day I would like to see a graph database that I could use as the main data store as confidently as PostgreSQL or SQLite. I don’t think graph databases are there yet, but a few could reach that point.



Graph model

Historical DBMS

Relational model

  • “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks”, E. F. Codd1970
  • “Against SQL”, Jamie Brandon2021. Summary: the relational model is great; SQL is verbose, fragile, and closed to interaction with other systems. It makes it difficult to factor out reusable patterns. “The entire database industry is hauling a massive SQL-shaped parachute behind them. This complexity creates a drag on everything downstream.”

Understanding and using modern RDBMS


Interesting database engines. Open source unless noted otherwise.




  • FoundationDB. Distributed. Has a document and a record layer.