Dangerous Corner


Dangerous Corner is a 1932 play by writer J. B. Priestley. It deals with the danger of uncovering secrets and how a small alternation can lead to drastically different timelines. In the former Soviet Union it was made famous by the 1972 miniseries adaptation Опасный поворот starring Yury Yakovlev, Vladimir Basov, and Valentina Titova.

Relationship chart (spoiler!)

A graph rendered with GraphViz from the source below

Source code

In the DOT language.

digraph {
    graph[ splines = "spline" ];

    edge[ fontname = "Arial" ];
    node[ fontname = "Arial" ];

    edge[ label = "❤" ];

    "Robert Caplan" -> "Betty Whitehouse";
    "Olwen Peel" -> "Robert Caplan";
    "Gordon Whitehouse" -> "Martin Caplan";
    "Charles Trevor Stanton" -> "Olwen Peel";

    edge[ label = "cheated with" ];

    "Freda Caplan" -> "Martin Caplan";
    "Betty Whitehouse" -> "Charles Trevor Stanton";

    edge[ label = "cheated with?" ];
    "Gordon Whitehouse" -> "Martin Caplan";